Strong Support for SECA-PPKS Plogging Eco Run

Article by Stanley Gona

Senior Manager, Corporate Services, PPKS

In the early hours of 14 July 2018, the inaugural SECA-PPKS Plogging Eco Run got off to a strong start with more than three hundred and fifty (350) participants determined to do their part to care for the environment and contribute to the betterment of society.

The Plogging Eco Run was co-organized by the Sarawak Electronics and Supporting Industries Companies Association (SECA) and Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak (PPKS). The participants comprised staff members of SECA, PPKS and the general public.

During his speech prior to the flag off at the Godown Amphitheatre, Kuching Waterfront, Mr. Mike Young, President of SECA and CEO of X-Fab Sarawak highlighted that the Plogging Eco Run was a joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative between SECA and PPKS to contribute to the betterment of society. Indeed, it was an honour for all present to do their part to protect the community and the world. He also shared that this was the third time that SECA and PPKS organized an event to make a difference in the community.

Mr. Young also highlighted that the Plogging Eco Run, organized in conjunction with World Environment Day 2018, is a combination of jogging and picking up litter. It is a fun way of combining exercise with a healthy dose of environmentalism. In line with the theme for the World Environment Day 2018 ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, the Plogging Eco Run would go a long way to create a cleaner and greener Kuching. He also shared that United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres in his recent speech to mark World Environment Day 2018, emphasized that the world must unite to beat plastic pollution. The UN Secretary-General also stressed that “Our world is swamped by harmful plastic waste” and if present trends continue, by 2050 our oceans would have more plastic than fish. He added, “We all have a role to play in protecting our only home.”

Mr. Young also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to all participants, Kuching Waterfront Management, Kuching North City Hall, SECA Member Companies and PPKS for their tremendous support. Among those present at the flag off were Mr. Hallman bin Haji Sabri, Executive Director, PPKS and Managing Directors of various SECA member companies.

Sharing his thoughts on the Plogging Eco Run, Mr. Hallman bin Haji Sabri, PPKS Executive Director highlighted, “This morning’s event sets the stage for many joint initiatives between SECA and PPKS to care for our environment. Indeed, it takes all of us, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, to advance the noble objective of making Kuching a greener and healthier city.”

Group photo of the participants, moments before the flag off

Mike Young, President of SECA and CEO of X-FAB Sarawak delivering his welcoming speech