Success Story 3



Interview & Written by: Muhamad Daneal bin Jamali


“…When I flipped through the Newspaper, immediately my attention was captured by the PPKS advertisement of New Intake Recruitment…” quoting words from an interview with Albert Timonthy Anak Robert when asked about how or where he learned to know about PPKS. Albert further describe that the opportunity provides by PPKS was considered as SECOND CHANCE for him to pursue higher education.

Albert Timonthy studies in Malaysian Skills Diploma in Assistant Mechatronics Engineer were a journey of developing self-competencies. After completing his Diploma program in 2011, he received employment offered to work with FMC Wellhead Equipment Sdn. Bhd Johor as Assembly and Testing Technician 1 (Subsea product and equipment).

PRIOR STUDY AT PPKS. After Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) at Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang, Miri; I started to work at a local store as sales assistant for a year and a half. Since my application to continue studies were found to no avail, it’s gave no choice however to start working. My determination to continue study has never faded. I learned about PPKS until I flipped through the Newspaper and immediately my attention was captured by the PPKS advertisement of New Intake Recruitment. On that note, my voyage of discovery started.

SECOND CHANCE. Everyone believes that furthering their studies in Academic were the only choice they had for a bright future. However Technical Education is one of the many choices. Frankly speaking, Technical Education for me is my second chance. My success story starts when I challenge myself to improve and grow – Ultimately I’d choose PPKS as my platform to be successful as of today.

PROACTIVE. During my study years at PPKS, I would consider myself as proactive since my involvement with a numbers of activities. Two of the activities that I had were the opportunities to join Kursus Bina Negara Asas Mahasiswa anjuran Biro Tata Negara Jabatan Perdana Menteri and Pertandingan Kemahiran Malaysia (PKM) di ADTEC, Shah Alam. Overall, joining such activities and program alike provides opportunity for self-development, growth and avenues to improve soft skills such as communication and social.

TO DATE. Currently I’m working as Assembly and Testing Technician I (Subsea product and equipment) at FMC Wellhead Equipment Sdn. Bhd, Johor. My current work requires assembling sub-components of SubSea System. After completion of the SubSea System, it will be delivered to major oil industry players such as SHELL, CHEVRON, WOODSIDE, CONOCCO, Philips, PETRONAS and etc. The other dimension of my work is to conduct quality compliance through High-Pressure test to the completed SubSea Component that must adherence to American Petroleum Institute specification. The High-Pressure Test processes involves the uses of hydraulic medium (water-based: HW 443) or nitrogen gas.



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