Success Story 10



Class of 2014: Diploma in Business Administration Programme

Interview & Written by: Muhamad Daneal bin Jamali (Corporate Communication Executive) & Stanley Gona (Corporate Service Director)

A graduate of the i-CATS Diploma in Business Administration programme, Winnie Anak Wetup is currently the Production Controller at Jody’s Timber Products Sdn Bhd in Kuching. One of her main responsibilities is ensuring that all production related activities are on schedule.

As highlighted by Winnie, the production targets motivate her to excel in her duties. She has always been passionate about giving her best, both as a student and now at the workplace. In the coming years, as she gains a broad range of work experience, she aspires to a position of greater responsibility.

Her advice to i-CATS students and new graduates: Do a personal SWOT analysis.  Know your strengths and how you can make an immediate impact and contribution to your organization.  You also need to upgrade your knowledge and skills regularly in line with the needs of industry. Have a plan, learn quickly and never take things for granted.



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