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AWARD: i-CATS President Award & Samling Group of Companies Industrial Award

Interview & Written by: Muhamad Daneal bin Jamali


“Dreams without Goals are just Dreams, just dreams and ultimately fuels disappointment. GOALS on the road to ACHIEVEMENT cannot be achieved without DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY”; Inspired by the motivational quotes from the Golden Globe Awards Winner – Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.; Wenceslaus Arit captures the living essence of the famous actor quotes and decided to live the words through his everyday practices as student at International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS).

Accordance to his excellent achievements, on November 30th, 2016 – Wenceslaus has been awarded with two outstanding awards of i-CATS President Award and Samling Group of Companies Industrial Award.

On an interview, Wenceslaus reveals his secret ingredients for success are due to the conductive learning environment and fantastic lecturing system at i-CATS – “The conducive learning environment support with the combination of Industrial experienced-lecturers are the key enablers towards my success, whilst boost-up with self-discipline and consistency lubricate one’s performances”.

  • I first learned about International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS) through its student’s success story of which its postulate higher employment rates in technical field upon courses completion or within six-month interval of graduation.
  • Diploma in Plantation Management which I was enrolled offers multivariate angle about its practicality of implying the learned theories and acquired skills during class. I must say that i-CATS’ Diploma in Plantation Management program has successfully train and expose students to emulate industry-oriented thus the syllabus emphasis 70% of hand-on whilst 30% of theory and concept.
  • I believe that as a student, living a healthy balance life is a must. There are various students’ clubs and activities where student can freely join and register. I-CATS provide avenues for student recreational activities like football, futsal, basketball, volleyball and etc.
  • I develop my leadership skill when I was elected as President for Plantation School Community in 2015 until 2016. The one year tenure of the presidential position has extended the opportunity to practice and experiment leadership, develop on communication skills, human-relationship skills and ultimately public speaking.
  • Overall, I am glad that I had made a better choice to further my tertiary education at i-CATS. I highly recommend to those out there that still on a look for a place to study; i-CATS are the best!


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