PPKS Fast-track Diploma in Electrical Power Generation, From PT3 to Power Job

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PPKS Fast-track Diploma in Electrical Power Generation, From PT3 to Power Job

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Article by Muhamad Daneal bin Jamali
Corporate Communications Executive

31st January 2017, Tuesday – PPKS Private Vocational College welcomes 50 students who have completed their Form Three Assessment from various schools throughout Sarawak registering for the fast-track diploma in Electrical Power Generation. The registration marks its fourth cohort intake of 2017 first series whereby eligible entries were filtered to meet minimum requirements prior attended to interviews.

The intake ratio enrolling for the fast-track diploma was divided by 17 female students whilst the remaining of 33 in number was registered by the male students. The numbers of female students registering to Diploma in Electrical Power Generation at PPKS Private Vocational bases since its first cohort shows incremental in statistic relatively to illustrate a popularity gained amongst female students towards enrolling in the skills program.

Adjacent to yesteryear activities conducted through PPKS School Visits, PPKS/i-CATS Jelajah Desa and extensive strategic action plans with aims to intensify awareness of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at rural areas has accomplished to attract rural youth to comprehend the importance of technical education as their first choice.

During the registration session, three Lunbawang young girls from SMK Trusan, Lawas were spotted registering themselves as PPKS Private Vocational Collegiate Students. With at least “D” grading and Band 3 in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science and Living Skill, PT3 students are eligible to enroll in the fast-track Diploma in Electrical Power Generation.

Photo 1: Joy Alau, Patrisia Peter and Sully Juhi from SMK Trusan, Lawas poise during the registration day at PPKS Private Vocational College.

In the case of Joy Alau Balau 16, acquiring excellent PT3 results of 2A, 2B, & 3C, Joy is determining to explore the opportunity of technical education in electrical power generation. Meanwhile, coming from the same school, SMK Trusan Lawas – Patrisia Peter and Scully Juhi, respectively with excellent PT3 results of 4As and 3As each are also registering for the Skills program.

Upon completing study of Diploma in Electrical Power Generation at PPKS Vocational College, graduating students will conferred with Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM) in Electrical Power Generation, Malaysian Vocational Diploma (DVM) in Electrical Power Generation, Diploma in Electrical from TAFE Australia and professional certificate of Wireman Grade II from Malaysian Electrical Inspection Unit.

Prior of registration, a session for orientation will be held on 1st February of which various activities will be conducted with aims to introduce students’ about PPKS Private Vocational College and the way of living campus lifestyle.

Photo2: Mr.Muhamad Daneal, Corporate Communication Executive  interview session with the new intakes.



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