Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

Quality Policy

“The Management of PPKS is committed to strive for excellence as a trend setter in technology and education services to meet our customer’s expectation”.

Quality Objectives

The Quality objectives of PPKS are:

  • To coordinate with 100% success in executing the skills enhancement programmes as confirmed by the clients.
  • To coordinate the execution of all Academic Programmes with minimum average of 90% passing rate.
  • To coordinate the execution of all Skills Based Programmes with minimum average of 80% passing rate.
  • To perform corrective action to at least 90% of breakdown report on facilities maintenance.
  • To enhance staff effectiveness and competencies by providing appropriate training at least 12 hours a year for non-teaching staff and at least 24 hours a year for teaching staff.
  • To achieve 80% employability within 12 months of graduation.
  • To ensure that 85% of eligible PTPTN applicants secured their PTPTN loan.
  • To ensure full utilization (100%) of government training grant.

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